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Noel alexander 

Love u captain x


I wish to apologize to you Mr. Gerard and Mr. Silla. When I saw the two of you at Hartford's Comic Conn (Sept. 24-25 '16); I didn't know what to say. So I bought your show's mug as a way of getting over my embarrassment. The show made me feel good and can't wait for it's remake.


Hey there Gil!

Just wanted to thank you for appearing at Colossus-Con in Merced earlier this month. It was a pleasure meeting you and chatting with you. I hope you make it out to more cons on the west coast in the future. Take care and hope to see you again soon at future events.


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Andrea Holmes 

Dear Mr. Gerard, Thank you for coming to DragonCon again this year. This is the second time I've seen you there, though this time was the first panel I attended. You were so entertaining as well as being thoughtful and honest in your comments. You and your character, Buck Rogers, have been heroes of mine since I was a child. After talking to you as well as listening to you speak this past weekend, I had to start watching my Buck Rogers DVDs, again. From one Arkansan to another, thank you so much for all you do.

Brenda pulver 

Enjoyed watching as I was growing


Good Afternoon Sir, would you be signing autographs or taking pic at Dragon Con 2016

randall padgett  

thank you for the good family show you provided with buck rogers. I never missed it as a kid and still have all the toys years later, life for me as a kid was trying as I had a very sick father and was not able to get out and do what the other kids were doing, your show provided me an outlet to escape the hard times and enjoy another life all together, I now watch it with my 11 year old son and he gets a kick out of all the toys from your show. there are buck rogers fans from all generations who love your show.
great man with a great show.


god bless gilbert


Mr. Gerard, I want to thank you for your photo and signatures on the poster and comic of Buck Rogers at the river city expo in little rock this weekend.

I was blown away by your energy and kindness at the q&a with you and Felix. You still have the ability to control any room you are in. It was really fun listening to you two tell stories. 

I can now say that I have met one of my true childhood heroes and was not disappointed. During the time I spent talking to you, I felt like a 7 year old kid again. 

In my book, that is a super power that not many people have. God bless!

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Donna Manns 

I recently purchased the entire Buck Rogers DVD collection. I was instantly transported back to all of those happy, wonderful memories. Thank you for giving those memories to us.


Ryan Gettig 

Hey Gil,Just a quick shout to say it was way cool to see you in THE Nice Guys!!I caught the movie Thursday nite,and the audience at both shows loved it!But,it was watching The ShmoesKnow show on youtube where Tom D"Agninno(Bobby Finnstock)popped the trivia question"What 70's Sci-Fi TV Star makes an appearance in The Nice Guys?"By the way nobody knew(I usually thoroughly read the credits-but we're Shane Black fans & were talkin' movies).I was like 8-9 when Buck Rogers in the 25th Century came on the telly and I LOVED IT!Had a cool positive impact on me.I even remember one night I was pissed I had to go do my Cub Scouts Pine Box Derby thing,and was well peaved I was missing Buck Rogers!!Actually screened the first season @Christmas holidays and it holds up as stellar entertainment!Especially your acting,capturing the befuddled confoundment of a man out his own space and time!!Just such a cool kickGod Bless You,Gil,And Always Be Well!Peace-Ryan Gettig

Henry Hank Henderson  

Mr. Gerard I just wanna say growing watching Buck Rogers truly helped me bring out my creative side in life, and the episode with the "Tabar" from the first season with the guy that harnessed electricity in his body and would shoot it out his hands in the form of a surge made me want to grow up to work with electricity. Well I did I started at the age of 15 and turned my closet into a workshop and would take electronics apart to see how they worked then reassemble them. Then at the age of 17 in 1991 I started my career in the electrical industry and I'm still at it at the ripe ol age of 43 thanks to my childhood hero Buck Rogers. One thing insee wrong with today's children is there aren't any tv shows that help unleash the creative minds of today's youth and teaching valuable life lessons. It's all text and games text and games, etc... So again thank you for everything!!! And I would love to have the honor of possibly meeting you one day at dragon con.

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Just finished up my Buck Rogers marathon. Got the DVD set for my birthday. I asked for that specifically and of course, a filet mignon from a fancy restaurant. The enjoyment I will get from these DVD's will far exceed the enjoyment I had eating that juicy piece of meat. BTW, I am a fellow MGB'er 13 years out. It's still working! take care Mr. Gerard.


Basic nutrition without fat and sugar is the right way

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Happy birthday from your offsite campus roommate. You are still 4 days older than me!

cheryl palomino 

would love to see you, Erin Gray and other members of Buck Rogers at the Denver ComicCon, any chance? if not maybe in LA or Anaheim.
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