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I was a very big fan of buck rogers when I was a kid. I watch them all over again on youtube. I'm glad you are still in good health Gil and hope you have many more years ahead of you.

Tommy Lesley 

I admire your talent and your commitment of continue to share your experiences with your fans.

OEM Kirk 

Great site!

Jamie Lester 

This is a cool option for a Hollywood Star to allow and hopefully view the fans feedback...Gil just wanted to say thanks for choosing acting! Sidekicks series wouldn’t ve been the same with a different actor and of course the Buck Rogers series. Loved them both and grew up with them both. Your on screen chemistry with Erin Gray was obvious to us all!!! Any way sir, I wish you all the best !! James lester
Stillman Valley illinois 5-19-18

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Tonya McMean 

Stopping by to say hi, Gill. Hope all is well friend [smile] I just started following you on twitter, hope to stay in touch. 

Kimi Little 

Yay! I am so glad to find this, as you were definitely a special part of my youth...not that we're not still young, of course. :D

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Brian Purvis 

Grew up watching Buck Rogers back in the day and just taken possession of the Blu Ray complete box set and boy am I re living my childhood this weekend. Gil, hope you are keeping well and thanks for giving Buck. Brian x

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Steve Vassallo 

When are you coming around for any conventions?

Sylvia Lawing 

Hello Mr. Gerard- I am so happy to be able to tell you how much I have enjoyed your work. You are such a fine actor. I watched the airport movie today it was a pleasure to see you in the role. I would want you in charge if I were in that dangerous spot :) I know you have done many things during your lifetime in the entertainment industry-and all very well. I must say my favorite is the "Handyman" episode on Little House. I love good values and this was a wonderful example. I love your smile and your kind eyes. Thank you for giving us such fine entertainment through the years. I wish you the very best and thank you again.

Liam Stone 

Mr. Gerard,

I just wanted to say that it was a childhood dream to finally meet you in person as a fellow actor, artist and southwesterner at the Dragon Con in Atlanta in 2016.

I was able to enjoy meeting you and get your autograph on a Captain Buck Rogers 8x10. We were filming Candid Travels Texas with Sam Jones and Skymin Slash at DragonCon for our private production channel at . Feel free to check out and subscribe to it.

Your portrayal of Captain William Anthony Rogers was my childhood hero. My tel no. 646 643 0692 please feel free to call anytime.

Your excellent acting in that first role I saw you in ended up encouraging me to be an actor to be in plays that year and later as an actor in Hollywood.

We weren't filming the day I got to go to your table to meet you. I kind of wished you were on our show.

If you are ever in Austin or Houston or San Antonio . Please let me know and maybe I can treat you and your family to go out somewhere.


Hey Gil,
Thanks for all that you did and do. Really a big fan of you in BR. I was young and impressionable when watching you on TV and looked up to you and your character. I'm just re-watching now in season 1 and feel like a kid again. Great values! Saw you in several things and your great personality always shines through. Glad to see you in Star Trek and hope to see you in more. Thank you so much and hope to see you if you ever visit the PA area.

Alan Lantz 

Thanks Mr. Gerard, Buck Rogers was a favorite. For you it was acting, for me it was a future I could see and motivation to get into the world of electronics and computers. Its been a good career for me.

Jimmy E Weeks 

I remember watching this TV show when I was a kid. I loved it. You were born in Arkansas. I spent the malority of my life in Arkansas in a small town called Mena. Do they have the series on video.


Watching BR from the beginning in season 1 now. What a great show. Gil your captivating! Saw you Star Trek. Wow! Would love to see more of you. Thanks for all you do!

Lisa P. 

Hi There
Just wondering if you have already written or thought about writing a book about your experiences and anecdotes while filming Buck Rogers with details on behind the scenes and funny things cast and crew said or did? As you certainly have the fan base for it.

I am about to read Cary Elwes (Princess Bride) "As you wish" book. Would love to know if there is anything in the works.
Just watched both seasons of Buck in Jan 2018 after 35 years - Thanks for the memories from my teenage years.
Lisa - Australia

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