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Mike Nicholson 

Mr Gerard

Always loved watching Buck Rogers when I was younger, I'm 49 on Saturday and sat here watching Buck Rogers on Forces TV.

Thanks for being an icon of my youth.



From a old fan from France who grown up with Buck Rogers and many more,thank you

Denise Ghuste 

I am 64 still think that Gil had the most beautiful face, smile snd attitude of any actor I have ever seen. Loved him then and still love him, no matter what his size or weight. We need to see him some show, come on Hollywood, a nicer man/actor you will never meet.

David Young 

Still enjoy watching the Buck Rogers series every Saturday night.

Julie Robbins-Muff 

Thank you for the fantastic performances, Gil. It's always a pleasure to watch your talents. Have a beautifully blessed day. Juli

Marcial Garchitorena 

An ardent Buck Rogers fan, hence and ardent fan of yours! Best always Gil Gerard!

Deborah McCutcheon 

There are some shows that still make you feel as good watching them, as you did the first time - watching again on Amazon and really enjoying them.

David Thompson  

Thank you for coming down to pensacon, Pensacola Florida. You were extremely friendly. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience meeting you. My wife and I still watch your show on metv every Saturday night. Thank you so much for coming to Pensacon.


Greetings from the UK! Watched the show as a kid, own the DVD noxsets as an adult. Timeless Sci-fi, made all the more real by Gil's very human portrayal of Buck 😀

John Page Jr 

Watched as a young man many years ago and am watching it even as I’m typing this. Loved it then and love it now. I’m just so happy that cable tv came along.

Jimm Colarusso 

Dear Mr. Gerard, Happy 40th Anniversary of Buck Rogers In The 25th Century.
I was a mere 9 year old when the show first aired.
At that time, my family had moved from Florida to California, so in a way, I felt like Buck as I was torn from the places and people I knew to a place and people I didn't know or understand.
Currently, I am rewatching the series on DVD for the umpteenth time.
Thank you for all that you have given to us fans.

David Doggett Sr. 

Mr. Gerard,
I always enjoyed Buck Rogers when it first came out and being a
Glen Larson program I knew the chemistry was going to be excellent between
you, Tim, Erin,& Felix because Mr Larson was adept at
casting series.
Now my family watch Buck Rogers on Me Tv now and it has a timeless quality thanks to you and your cast members.
Im excited to meet you at Jet City Comic Con this year as is my wife who is also an uber fan of yours.
May your very best be yet to come.
God Bless You Richly.

Princess Samantha Kennedy 

Hi Gil,
I love your Buck Rogers Television Shows. The episode tonight was great here in San Diego. My son thinks you are fantastic and he would love to meet you. It is late now, but, I will continue to watch your television shows. Goodnight Gil. Princess

Rob Dickson 

Mr. Gerard,

Thank you for coming down to the Meadowlark Comic Con in Medford, OR this weekend.  You were extremely friendly, outgoing and gracious with your time and, as a long time Buck Rodgers fan, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Mike Brown 

Cheers Mr. Gerard!

Watched Buck Rogers growing up as a kid in the early 80’s! Loved it.
Hope your healthy and your life is good!


John Leitaker 

I watched your tv show, BR in the 21st.  Loved it I was not a child, in  fact I watched with my kids. I saw a program about you losing weight. I seem to remember you saying you had to go to a fat farm to do the roll,,, lol of buck. I am glad to here you lost and kept most off. good job. and good luck sir. 

Doug Scott 

Thank you, Gil, for the amazing memories. I'm 53 and your show really embodied the power of imagination for me and solidified my love for science fiction. To this day, I reference the show, with a Twiki bdbdbd , thanks buck! well, thank you, kind sir, for some of the best tv a young mind needed to explore the universe...

 A very grateful fan.


Just wanted to say hello and that I’m a fan! Watched BR as a young child and loved it. I remember sidekicks etc...

Hope to meet you one day and thanks for many great memories during my childhood!

I’m the frontman of a popular Southern Rock/Rock Band now called Six Gun Sal, by all means check us out sometime and I’ve been producing small shows on YouTube... one is called Six Feet Down Under and most recently Bane - the Series...

Please check out the band and shows when you have time I’d love to get your opinion...

Thanks again!

Much Respect,

Anthony Appello

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Nancy Riggen 

Dear Mr Gerard,
I wanted to tell you I just discovered Buck Rogers on a "retro tv channel" & I'm enjoying it again. (still trying to get over retro) Anyway,there weren't many SciFi tv shows & your show was groundbreaking in that genre.
Thank you.
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