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Matthew Kidd 

Met you at wintercon your awesome dude let me knkw when your release your pop

Mark Lawson 

Thank you Gil for making Buck Rodgers into it. Always loved watching it.

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Gianni Carlesimo 

Mr. Gerard

Thank you for the many happy childhood memories. You were one of my biggest childhood idols. I remember my dad taking me to see Buck Rogers in the theater. I was mesmorized for nearly two hours. I couldn't get enough. I was an even bigger fan of the show.

I really enjoyed your website and remembered a lot of your work. I hope all is well and keep reaching for the stars. I have always admired people who worked hard and are able to do what they love for a living. Continued good health and good fortune!

brent shelest 

hi, great to contact you I am a huge fan of Buck Rodgers. have a great time out there. I am in British Columbia bear, wolf, and cougar country. thanks for taking me to outer space and ripping it up at the intergalactic space discos.

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Rob Wiedell 

I remember watching the pilot episode back when 1987 seemed so far away. I was immediately hooked and I rarely missed an episode. Mr. Gerard, you did such an awesome job portraying a man out of his own time. Buck was courageous and daring yet he was kind and sacrificial to his new friends. Captain Rogers actually became a bit of a role model to me as an insecure little kid trying to make friends.
Thank you, Mr. Gerard, for your excellent work both as Buck Rogers and as the other characters you have played over the years. Thanks also for continuing to make yourself available to your fans.
You continue to show kindness and make a difference to those who look up to you. God Bless.

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Henry Henderson 

Mr. Gil Gerard I just saw my entry from 5/2016 talking about how I looked up to you as a child of the 70's and early 80's and how the show Buck Rogers encouraged my creative side to come to life. And later I became an electrician because of the episode Tabor. Well I finally got my season 2 DVD set as a birthday surprise by my fiancé and curious to why it ended after only 2 seasons? I can only imagine how many more children it could be encouraged in the world. I also said I would love to meet you one day. Well at last years DragonCon 2016 I took my youngest daughter Faryn who was 11 at the time and is also following in her dads footsteps of being a sci-fi fan and loves watching shows I grew up on with me including Buck Rogers. Anyhow I had the honor of meeting you and got me an autographed pic of you and twiki. I was so nervous finally meeting my childhood hero and didn't say much. Of course I regretted it later. But was still blown away by the entire thing. Anyhow I'm taking my daughter again this year and noticed you, Erin Grey, and Felix Sillva are going to all 3 be in attendance. I'm super excited to meeting you again and getting another autograph from all of you this time! Cheerz to you Mr. Gerard see ya at the Con! 🙂👍🏻

Angela Carlucci Colbaugh 

Just a California hello to a blast from the my youth love my heroes ❣️❣️❣️


Oh those years of watching Buck Rogers and calling someone at
Harker a Buck Rogers reject.

Benjamin Smith 

Dear Gil,

I just wanted to thank you for some very happy memories as a child watching you as Captain Buck Rogers. 

Wishing you all the best whatever your future holds.

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Burton Choinski 

Just signing in to give you my appreciation of the (sadly) few years of Buck Rogers, which I am currently watching again after a long time from my young adult past. I never saw you in your other roles, only encountered your acting as Buck, but I figure you killed it in those roles as well. Long and healthy life to you and your family Mr. Gerard!

Ruben Ramirez  

It's very nice to visit here.Thank you for your years of entertainment!

Linda Huthmaker 

Hi Gil,
Just watched one of my favourite episodes of "Little House on the Prairie"=The Handyman.  You were absolutely great in that, and I was so glad to see it on Antenna TV, tonight.  I have a copy of it, and always enjoy seeing a repeat of that great show.
I hope you're doing well.  Life is good!
God bless and Take care of yourself, always.

Best Regards,
Linda Huthmaker/Torrance, California

Kelly M. Michaels 

I just want to thank you for your performance in Buck Rogers.  I grew up watching it and really, really enjoyed all of the episodes.  Can't wait for them to come to SyFi channel someday.  I would really enjoy watching them again.  Stay healthy and happy!  Best wishes. K

David Ciccone 

Mr. Gerard.

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you.

You are born the same year as my father and can only imagine all the amazing stories and memories you have.

For me, I vividly recall watching the open scenes of Buck Rodgers when I was less than 10 years old with my mom/dad and the ways you opened my eyes to both the broader world and galaxy around us but also our own world.

It amazed me to think about what we "did" to each other not to know our history and a man from the 20th century was no around to re-educate new Earth.

Your adaptation and performance of Buck will enjoyed for generations to come. Just tonight (all her homework and Sax/Piano practicing was complete along with her baseball practice) I was watching the Space Vampire with my daughter Anacapri - and being in the 'Zombi" phase she adored it - now back to vintage Awakening episodes to start her off.

Thank you so much for your performances and energy.  It is something that millions will cherish well after both of us are gone.  And serve as wonderful thought provoking family fun.



Thank you for being part of such an awesome series. I've been reacquainting myself with Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and it still holds up even today. I don't see anyone else playing the roles you and the lovely Erin Gray and the others made so again, awesome. Best wishes.

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